“Her pieces are objects full of magic and set themselves apart through a high degree of uniqueness and quality”. ELLE


“Nature’s diversity is the most innovative designer, creating an endless abundance of perfect shapes and structures. For me it is the greatest source of inspiration along with the great ancient civilisations, which have shaped our understanding of forms until this day. I am continuously discovering new things in nature, from which I develop a story behind an individual piece or an entire collection. My pieces of jewellery, based on universally applicable forms, originate in this way. These timeless pieces can be worn by generations because my designs are not influenced by any trends. They leave room for the wearer’s individuality and personality to stand out”.


The goldsmith Warinka von Saucken has been designing her own jewellery collections since 1995. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in her studio in Hamburg, Germany and only available in exclusive stores.


She displays her collections in her Hamburg studio as well as regularly in Berlin, Frankfurt, Los Angeles and on the German island of Sylt.